Friday, December 30, 2011

Philips Avent ISIS IQ UNO Electric Breastpump

The Avent Isis iQ Uno Breast Pump features advanced technology that makes handheld pumping effortless. This pump offers infinite speed and suction settings to provide you with a personalized pumping experience. Simply begin pumping manually; press the control button and the Isis iQ Uno will learn your unique pumping rhythm. The let-down massage cushion gently stimulates your breast to achieve let-down naturally.
This unique pump feature provides you with an infinite amount of speed and suction combinations. It also gives you the option to conveniently switch between electric and manual pumping at anytime. With the ultra quiet, hospital grade pump motor, you can pump quickly and efficiently all while remaining discreet since pump noise is kept to a minimum.

Soft let-down massage cushions help you to achieve natural let-down by gently massaging and stimulating your breasts. The cushion also provides additional comfort for sore nipples and engorgement. Since it is controlled by one button at your fingertips, you can easily change the speed and suction at anytime during expression.

The closed milk collection system ensures the purity of your expressed milk by preventing milk from backing up into the motor and safeguards milk from germs and cross contamination. With the Avent Isis iQ Uno you to easily pump, store and feed milk using any Avent bottle or cup.

Model: 314/02
Price: RM629
Postage: RM25 (Peninsular Malaysia), RM45 (Sabah & Sarawak)
Warranty period: 1 month
Condition: Brand new in original retail box

Product Features-Avent Isis Uno is an electronic breast pump that features an
-Electronic memory IQ on the Avent isis learns a mother's pumping rhythm
-Ultra quiet, powerful motor vacuum of hospital grade pumps
-It's works with the philips avent natural feeding System, so you can express and store milk into any avent bottle or cup
-Electric breast pump from Avent features a let down cushion which works gently & naturally
-Avent Isis IQ Duo is a high performance electronic pump which combines all the features which improve milk production
-It's BPA Free
-3 way use: Electric, battery or manual

What is Included:
Single Electronic Breast pump- 1 pcs
Avent Airflex Naturral Fedding Bottle (4oz)- 1pcs
Teat Travel Pack -1 pc
Power cord- 1 pcs
Battery Pack (need 4 AA battery)- 4 pcs
Extra soft, newborn flow nipple- 1 pcs
Manual Parts- 1 pc
Sealing disc- 1 pc
Booklet & user guidance disc.
FREE : pin converter

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