Monday, January 9, 2012

Mummy's Story #1

I have a great time talking about breastfeeding with my customer driving all the way from JB to Melaka last weekend. Yes. I always love to share about breastfeeding if anyone willing to talk with me!!! Her lovely little girl is 5 months old and has a pair of bright eyes!! She told me that she decided to get herself a double electric pump although her little girl already 5 months old because single electric pump that she is using now is taking her time at least 30 minutes at work for each pump session. I excitedly agreed with her view and told her that double electric pump REALLY SAVES your valuable time at work! You finish pumping session at 20 minutes the most. Great, isn't it? She also shared with me that the main reason she chose to breastfeed is her little girl is allergy to formula milk. She had tried few brands of formula milk but too bad none of them suit this little girl. Red rashes appeared all over her body. Hence, she determined to breastfeed as she knows that breastmilk is the best that mum can provide to her little one. Breastmilk does not caused allergy. Breastmilk is the most suitable and the composition of the nutrition is adjusted according to your baby's needs. You will never go wrong with breastmilk!