Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q : Is the item original and brand new?
    A : Yes. It is original, brand new and packed in actual retail box.

2. Q : Why your price is much more cheaper than other shop?
    A : It is imported from UK/US. It is not assembly locally.

3. Q : Can I return the item for a refund?
    A : No. The breastpump is a personal item and we do not deal with refund.

4. Q : Any warranty covered for the Medela or Avent?
    A : For Avent, we provide one month warranty for MOTOR only
    A : For Medela, we provide 3 months warranty. Extended warranty (another 3 months) is available at a fee of RM180. You can send to any Medela Service Centre if there is any problem after the warranty period.
    A : Warranty is only covered for the motor, any self inflicted/dents/cracks/abuse of item will not be covered.

5. Q : Do you accept installment payment?
    A : Yes. We do. Buyer has the right to decide the time frame and amount of installment. We will only ship out the item after full amount settled.

6. Q : Can I reserve/book the item first, as I may only be using few months later?
    A : Yes, you can. But a minimum of non refundable deposit is required to reserve the item for you

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